Ashley's Story


Not understanding the value of true, all-encompassing self care takes a toll on your mind, body, and soul. Especially if you happen to also be a survivor of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, trauma, PTSD, or any other mental health challenge. 

My name is Ashley and I am a Victim and Survivor of child sexual abuse, turned Thriver and Inspirer. I also happen to be the creator of Free Skin Co. and the driver of our mission to bettering the mental health of other survivors and individuals on their own journey's to a balanced, self-loving life.

Growing up, I never had someone to tell me that what happened TO me wasn't my fault. Or that I was loved and worthy. I didn't grow up in a God and Jesus-loving home. Nor did I understand the value of taking care of self.

Since the age of 9, when my abuse began, I was simply in it to survive. After nearly two decades of failed suicide attempts and undiagnosed Complex PTSD, in 2015 I finally began my healing journey to overcome and understand my past, as well as learn healthy habits that would allow me to create deep relationships and trust, cope with my trauma and PTSD in daily life, and find my passions and calling.

At the beginning of my therapy, the angelic professional guiding me deeply encouraged me to find something that would allow me to focus on feeling good, to gain back the dignity I never even remembered whether I had or not. 

I chose skin care. And very quickly learned that while this new habit was teaching me to intentionally focus on me every day, I had very sensitive skin... Which also quickly led me to not feeling so great about myself again.

So I took it into my own hands to research, purchase ingredients, run tests, experiment on my friends, and experiment on myself as hormones changed throughout two pregnancies. 

February 2022 I finally decided it was time to share this passion with the world, but it wasn't until April 2022, after "coming out" about my abuse and failed suicide attempts on LinkedIn, receiving hundreds of messages, reaching 150k+ worldwide, hearing the similar stories of countless others, that I decided to dedicate the mission of Free Skin Co. to bettering mental health. 

And since launching the brand in June 2022, our mission has evolved. My story has been told on dozens of other outlets, in magazines, podcasts, articles, and of course through my own content. 

I am immensely proud of the journey we're embarking on, honored to have received the bravery and strength to use my voice, and extremely humbled by your own stories I hear every day. 

You are beautiful. You are loved. You are worthy. And I am on a personal mission to make sure you know =)